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Created on 2011-12-29 23:22:49 (#1322106), last updated 2011-12-30 (302 weeks ago)

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Name:Camp Gualala Alums
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There must be others of you out there who went to Y-Camp at Camp Gualala. Join! Share memories! Have fun! Pretend that we're still kids and can get away to camp for several weeks.

Also, it's summer, and I miss camp, so until fellow Gualalalalaians join, I, your great and terrible mod, am taking liberties and posting camp songs. :)

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arts and crafts, bats, berger lodge, berkeley-albany ymca, camp gualala, camp songs, campfires, canoeing, coleman lodge, falling in the river, gualalalala, hey yunga, hiking, jammers, l.a.p., mail call, morning watch, mosquito repellent, not throwing rocks off the dam, raggers, rise and shine, roasting marshmallows, sleepaway camp, sleeping bags, swimming in the river, the raggers' creed, the suspension bridge, this is a repeat-after-me song, wearing my long-tail feathers, y-camp, ymca
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